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Gang Programmer AF9723B

AF9723B is an universal gang programmer with unit exchangeable structure, supporting a variety of devices by only one base unit.
With the combination of gang units, AF9723B meets every needs of device programming from engineering to manufacturing.

AF9723B Device Programmer (Base Unit)


  • Complies with RoHS directives.
  • It is highly productive and suitable for mass programming.
  • Performs high speed programming in combination with one or more gang units.
  • The buffer RAM is expandable up to 8G bit, when used in combination with AF9845B gang unit and AF9850 optional RAM board, or with AG9860 gang unit.
  • Supports a wide-variety of devices including flash ROMs, flash microcontrollers, memory medias, and NAND type flash EEPROMs, and more.
  • The latest version of algorithm software is available on our website for free download.
  • Installs serial interface.
  • Provides optional products for supporting external interfaces and memory expansions.


with AG9860 Gang Unit

Product Specifications

Buffer Memory Standard 1Gbit
Optional 16Gbit
Sockets 1
External Interface USB2.0 and USB host function
Operating Voltages AC100 - 240V
Frequency Range 50 - 60Hz
Power Consumption Max. of 33VA
Size (D x W x H) 180x150x50mm
Weight approx. 1.5kg
Accessories Standard Accessories
USB Rev2.0 Cable
USB Data transfer Software
Warranty Limited warranty of 1 Year

Optional Products for AF9723 series

Optional Product Specifications

USB Interface Unit
  • USB Rev 2.0 Interface
  • Standard buffer memory of 2G bit
Buffer Memory 2G bit
Options Expandable up to 8G bit with optional card
Size (DxWxH) 175x133x22mm
Weight 150g
USB Rev2.0 Cable
USB File Transfer Software

Combination of AF9723/23B (software Rev02.10 or later version) and AF9845B (software Rev01.83 or later version)
Warranty Limited warranty of 1 Year