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Flash Programmer AF9709C

AF9709C Flash Programmers

AF9709C is a standard model suitable for programming of flash microcontrollers
and EPROM, EEPROM, flash EEPROM, etc.


  • Serial / Parallel programming dual use.
  • Installed buffer RAM of 256M bit as a standard specification.
  • High speed data transmission through USB Rev2.0 interface.
    (* the fastest is 25 sec for 256M bit)
  • Provides high speed programming to EPROMs, EEPROMs, flash EEPROMs, and flash microcontrollers.
  • Quick support for the latest flash devices, large capacity devices, and custom devices.
  • The latest version of algorithm software is available on our website for free download.*depends on the devices and conditions

AF9709C Standard Model

AF9709C Standard Model

AF9710 AF9709C
Buffer Memory Standard 1G bit 256M bit
Option Expandable with Optional CF card -
Sockets 1 1
Supported Devices Flash EEPROMs, EPROMs, EEPROMs with pin-layout of 42 pins & mask-pins Flash EEPROMs, EPROMs, EEPROMs with pin-layout of 28/32/40/42 pins & JEDEC/mask-pins
External Interface Serial Interface - -
LAN - -
Option 32bit expansion bus interface -
Operating Voltages AC90-240V AC90-240V
Frequency Range 50-60Hz 48-63Hz
Power Consumption Max. of 60VA Max. of 33VA
Size (D x W x H) 193x250x80mm 193x250x80mm
Weight 1.5Kg 1.5Kg
USB Rev2.0 Cable
USB Data transfer Software

USB Rev2.0 Cable
USB Data transfer Software
Warranty Limited warranty of 1 Year