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GANG unit "AG 9870" for high-speed serial interface is installed in the GANG programmer AG 9730 / AG 9730 B, realizing efficiency of writing operation by high-speed data transfer by USB 3.0.


Installation example to AG 9730

  • Utilizing equipment assets with your own programmer
    · By attaching to your existing GANG programmer AG9730 / 30B, it becomes possible to write to the newly compatible device, leading to effective utilization of facilities and reduction of manufacturing cost.
  • Buffer memory 960 Gbit
    · It is possible to write to the large capacity memory without expanding the programmer capacity of the main body.
  • High-speed data transfer with USB 3.0
    · Data transfer from PC to AG9870 Approximately 1.2 seconds / Gbit


GANG unit AG 9870
Target programmer AG 9730/30 B
(Rev 03.06 or higher)
Supported PC application AG9730 / 30B driver application
Rev 5.3.1 or higher
Target device High-speed serial interface module
Buffer memory 960Gbit
Sockets Up to 4 items
PC interface USB3.0
Power consumption Up to 200 VA
Size (D x W x H) 198 x 235 x 30 mm
weight 0.98kg