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AG9730 Gang Programmer

AG9730 achieved the highest level of R/W cycle (20nsec) in the industry. It supports the high speed programming of high capacity data by installing the 16Gbit buffer memory as a standard.
By operating with mixture of various types of adapters, AG9730 will give flexibility to device programming.
This versatile programmer is good for both engineering and manufacturing.


●Super high speed programming
・ Read/Write (R/W) cycle of the fastest 20nsec
・ Programming speed of 0.019s per 1Mbit
・ Max. 64bit data bus access

●High-capacity buffer memory
・ Installed 16Gbit as a standard.
・ It is expandable to 256Gbit as optional.

●Concurrent and independent operations
・ Programming to devices in 4 different types of adapters independently.
(In this case, programming is performed by each slot.)
・ Concurrent programming of 4 different kinds of data.
(Only apply to the same model of adapter and device.)

●Performs concurrent programming of 32 devices by connecting 4 units of AG9730

●Able to use the same conversion adapter as AG9860

●Installed full pin checking (standard) and simple inspection (optional)

●Download master data from a CF card

Operates with mixture of various types of adapters.


New Supports

Expansive supported devices such as eMMC devices
・ Newly supported eMMC devices : moviNAND and iNAND, NOR56TSOP, NAND48TSOP, and SPI Flash, and so on.
・ Performs super high speed programming to large capacity eMMC devices.

Compact and highly productive
・ Each adapter can hold 4 sockets.
・ AG9730 can perform concurrent programming of up to 16 pcs of ICs with the new adapters.

Product Specifications

External Interface USB2.0
CF slot (possible to download from the commercial CF card)
I/O line for ecternal trigger
Operating Voltages AC90-240V
Frequency Range 50-60Hz
Power Consumption Max. of 120VA
Size (D×W×H) 290×235×100mm
Weight 5Kg