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AF9750 is a high-speed programmer for eMMC. For ver. 5.0 or newer eMMCs meeting JEDEC HS400, AF9750 with 200MHzDDR interface offers about 4 times faster programming than previous models.




  • High speed programming
    · Offers high speed processing using 200MHzDDR interface, for ver. 5.0 or newer eMMC devices
    . 64GB(P+V) Approx. 1,330 sec Approx. 21 sec/ GB  * Depends on devices.
  • High-speed data transfer with USB 3.0
    · Approx. 11 secs / GB  * Depends on PC specifications.
  • Application for eMMC devices
    · USER area can be split into four parts with GPP function
    · Enhanced” configuration can be applied
    · Various register settings are supported
    · Programming settings can be saved and read as a project file
    · Quantity control by using the lot mode
  • Interfaces appropriate for manufacturing sites
    · Equipped with USB 2.0/3.0, LAN and RS232C, AF9750 can be linked with other production equipment and control devices.

Optional Products

Conversion adapter

Our conversion adapters support eMMC packages of various manufacturers. We can also produce custom adapters for programming to eMMCs that have already embedded.


Module adapter

Socket open/close jig

Socket open/ close jig TES200


As lead-free memories with larger capacities become widespread, many sockets have been tight and hard to open/close. Opening/closing tools will reduce burden on workers and increase operation efficiency.


GANG programmer AF9750
Target device Ver. 5.0 or newer eMMC devices of various manufacturers
Buffer memory 1Tbit (128GB) as a standard, optional expansion available
Sockets Up to 20 sockets
Programming power Vcc: +3.3V, Max: 1A/slot
Vccq: +1.8V, Max: 500mA/slot
External interfaces USB 2.0 / 3.0, RS-232C, LAN
Input power voltage/frequency range AC100~240V/50 ~ 60H
Size (D x W x H)S/weight W223 x D290 x H108mm (excluding protrusions)/approx. 3.5kg