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Laser compatible automatic programming system TEH2724LS

"TEH 2724 LS" is an automatic programming system for laser marking.
ROM writing, laser marking, simple lead inspection · marking inspection (option) can be done with one unit, so we reduce the occupied area inside the factory and reduce the work process.
The GANG programmer AF9724 is mounted, enabling simultaneous 16 simultaneous writing by concurrent function.
Since marking is performed concurrently with data writing, it does not affect takt time. (UPH = 1,000)
Since writing errors and image processing NG products move to different trays, they will not mix with good products.


On-board programmer GANG programmer AF9724 1 unit
Number of sockets 16
Target device Write target device of AF 972
Target package Maximum 32 mm × 32 mm (including lead), minimum 4 mm × 4 mm (not including leads only)
Applicable tray JEDEC compliant tray
Tray stage 4 trays (empty tray, supply tray, storage tray, NG tray)
Target socket Open top type socket stroke: 8 mm or less
Socket opening height: 12 to 20 mm or less Socket opening and closing force: 8.1 kg · f or less
Carrying capacity 1 Device transport, mounting, discharge, housing time (1 tray average)
Open top socket: 3.6 seconds

* Including image processing time. Tray transfer time is not included. Depends on target device, tray.
Image processing function Carrying unit mounted CCD camera: 2 million pixels / position correction CCD camera: 2 million pixels / stamping · inspection CCD camera: 5 million pixels
Laser marker KEYENCE AxisCO 2 laser marker [ML-Z9510A] * Various laser units can be installed
Marking area 120 × 120 × 42 mm
Power supply / air AC 200 V 7.7 kVA Three-phase 50/60 Hz / 0.5 MPa (External supply air is 0.5 MPa or more)
Size / Weight Approximately D1110 × W1340 × H1400 mm (3 color patrites etc., except for protrusions) / about 650 Kg