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3D appearance inspection compatible programming system TEH2724-2LSC


TEH2724-2LSC simultaneously handles data programming, laser marking and 3D appearance inspection.
  • High-quality 4-head robot enables output of up to 1,440 pcs/hour (program + mark + inspection)
  • Laser marking standard
  • 3D inspection detects bent leads and checks for coplanarity of leads and balls.
    · Marking inspection
    · Lead inspection
    · Barcode reader




The PC-based system enables monitoring of the operation status, tracing of the operation history, and data analysis.

Wearable terminal (option)

A watch-type wireless receiver for information of equipment failure or completion of operation. Useful when the plant has a loud noise or notification using sounds or displays is difficult.


Programmer AF 9724 2 units
Maximum number of sockets 32
Target device Write target device of AF9724
Flash microcontrollers, NOR / NAND Flash and Serial Flash, etc. of various manufacturers
Target package Package size of maximum 20 mm x 20 mm (including lead), minimum 4 mm x 4 mm (without leads only mold) package size
Applicable tray JEDEC compliant tray
20 trays
Tray stage 4 trays (empty tray, supply tray, storage tray, NG tray)
Target socket Open top type socket stroke: 8 mm or less
Socket opening height: 12 to 20 mm or less Socket opening and closing force: 8.0 kg · f or less
Carrying capacity 1 Device transportation, mounting, discharge, housing time (1 tray average) Open top socket: 2.5 seconds
* Including image processing time. Tray transfer time is not included. Depends on target device, tray.
CCD camera 4 units for socket position detection/device pick-up correction (2MP)
2units for marking and inspection (5MP)
For 3D inspection (4MP)
Power supply / air AC 200V 50A Three-phase 50/60 Hz / 0.5 MPa (External supply air is 0.39 MPa or more)
Size / Weight Approximately D1170 × W2300 × H1420 mm (3 color patrites etc., except for protrusions) / about 1500 kg