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The TEH 2724 / 30C / 50 is a compact body with a footprint of 1 square meter or less and a height of 1.4 m, but with a CCD camera, it is possible to implement high precision and high speed device mounting by image processing using control software. High productivity of 1,000 UPH has been realized with 3.6 sec / device transfer.

TEH2724 / 30C / 50 automatic programming system

Space saving less than 1 m² · High productivity


  • Floor area 1 m2 or less, reducing occupied area inside the factory, smooth layout change
  • Device transport capability
    · Open top socket
    · Transport time: 3.6 sec / pcs
    · Transport capacity: Max 1000 pcs / H
  • Easy to introduce low price setting
  • Adjustable with 2 CCD cameras (2 million pixels)
  • 20 tray stacking possible for a long time unattended operation
  • Equipped with ionizer standard
  • W990 × D990 × H1400 mm (excluding projections)
    · Dot (stamp) marking
    · Bar code (QR code) reader
    · Simplified marking inspection
    · Simplified lead inspection



Programmer TEH 2724: GANG programmer AF 9724 1 unit
TEH 2730C: GANG programmer AG9730C 2 units
TEH 2750: GANG programmer AF9750 2 units
Maximum number of sockets TEH 2724: 16
TEH 2730 C: 32
TEH 2750: 40
Target device Write target device of AF9724 / AG9730C / AF9750
Target package Package size of maximum 30 mm x 30 mm (including lead), minimum 4 mm x 4 mm (without leads only mold) package size
Applicable tray JEDEC compliant tray
20 trays
Tray stage 4 trays (empty tray, supply tray, storage tray, NG tray)
Target socket Open top type socket stroke: 8 mm or less
Socket opening height: 12 to 20 mm or less Socket opening and closing force: 8.1 kg · f or less
Carrying capacity 1 Device transportation, mounting, discharge, housing time (1 tray average) Open top socket: 3.6 seconds
* Including image processing time. Tray transfer time is not included. Depends on target device, tray.
Image processing function Carrying unit mounted CCD camera: 2 million pixels
Pposition correction CCD camera: 2 million pixels
Power supply / air AC 200 V 20 A Three-phase 50/60 Hz / 0.5 MPa (External supply air is 0.5 MPa or more)
Size / Weight Approximately D990 × W990 × H1400 mm (3 color patrites etc., except for protrusions) / about 450 kg