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Open-top and clamshell sockets support model (Installs 1 set of AF9724 or AF9725)


  • Perfect system configuration.
    It performs concurrent multiprogramming of 8 or 16 devices (selected at factory setting).
  • Adjustment-free with 2 high-performance CCD cameras as installed standard.
  • Support open-top/clamshell socket.
    It supports open-top and clamshell sockets only by exchanging stay jigs (optional) for 2 types of sockets.
  • Shorter tact time by 2 head operation.
    It shortens the distance of head movement by separating heads for mounting and discharging devices.
  • Capable of 35-tray stocking.
  • Full of optional function
    1. Dot or stamp marking and inspection functions
    2. Lead inspection function by using CCD camera (Default setting. May not be supported depending on devices and tray specifications.)
    3. Installation of NG trays (Optional) 4. Function of storing trays (Default setting)