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Compact Desktop Model for Concurrent Programming of max 16 devices (Installs 1 set of AF9724)


  • Compact size of W1120xD690xH715mm (excluding projection).
  • Installs 1 set of AF9724.
  • Supports various packaged devices using open-top IC socket such as TSOP, BGA, SOP, SSOP, and so on.
  • Concurrent programming of max 16 devices.
  • Transports 2 devices at a time.
  • Opening and closing of all sockets are operated by air-cylinder. Manual mode is also available.
  • Arranges 2 trays and NG box.



On-board programmer One AF9724 gang programmer
Sockets 16
Target device Write target device of AF9724
Target package Open top
Minimum 7 mm x 7 mm (including lead) / max 32 mm x 32 mm (including lead)
Use tray Up to 2 JEDEC compliant trays can be installed
NG emissions Dedicated NG box
Device aligning mechanism Replace with package with two positioning buffers
Carrying capacity 16 Device insertion / extraction, transfer time: 96 seconds (about 6.0 seconds / 1 device)
(One tray average time when positioning buffer is used, slightly depending on the device, tray etc. to be used.)
Air 0.4 MPa (External supply air is 0.4 MPa or more)
Power supply AC200±5% 50/60Hz 1.0KVA
Size / Weight Approximately D 720 × W 1320 × H 765 mm (excluding protrusions) / about 200 kg