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Package Conversion Adapter

Flash Support Group's TEF series package conversion adapters are specially designed for our device programmers and have a wide-variety of packages from standard to the customized to fit customer's programming devices.

Package Conversion Adapters

The latest and the most flash microcontrollers are supported.


  • Supports a wide-variety of packages including SOP, TSOP, BGA, and more.
  • Supports quickly and flexibly to customized packages and the latest devices.
  • Provides total support with our device programmers.

List of Support Devices

Adapters for flash memory devices

Adapter Type of supported devices
TEF003 series Standard flash memory devices (NOR type)
TEF004 series Standard EPROMs / OTP memory devices
TEF005 series Standard serial EEPROMs
TEF006 series Standard flash memory devices (NAND type)
TEF009 series TEH1000 programming system series

Adapters for flash microcontrollers

Adapter Type of supported devices
TEF101/009 series [Panasonic] microcontrollers
TEF110 series [Fujitsu device] microcontrollers
TEF200 series [Renesas] microcontrollers
TEF300 series [NEC] microcontrollers
TEF400 series [Toshiba] microcontrollers
TEF500 series [Renesas ] microcontrollers

Customized adapters

Adapter Type of supported devices
TEF700 series Adapter series for AF9101
TEF800 series Special DIMM (module), Customized adapters
TEG00 series Adapter series for AG9860