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End of support for previous models

As already announced, the repair correspondence of the following products will end at the end of March 2017.
We are so sorry that we will end all support including software.

Regarding new device support, we will accept it with the current model which has been improved in speed and function.
Using conversion base etc., you may be able to use the adapter of the following products.
For device compatibility, please contact below.

Inquiries about compatible devices

*You can continuously download the following product's algorithm software and PC application from our WEB site for free.
Product Model Succession model
Gang programmer AF9723/23B -
Gang unit AF9845/45B/45C,
AF9843, AF9844,
AF9848, AF9850
Gang unit AG9860 AG9730/30B/30C/31
Device programmer AF9709C, AF9710 AF9711