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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
This section provides answers to the most common technical problems and general questions gathered from our customers.  Before contacting us, we recommended you search here for answers or solutions to your problem.
About purchasing
•  Where can I buy Flash Support Group products?
•  What is the warranty period for the device programmer?
About product specifications
•  When is the timing of attachment of the adapters? A power supply of the programmer is ON or OFF?
•  About how many times can the conversion adapter be used?
•  Can I install the control software more than once and run programmers for different models at the same time?
•  What operating systems are supported by the control software compatible with?
•  Why do the TE(F)003-44SP-01* and TE(F)003-48TS-03* series adapters have various differences in the ending letters?
•  What is the difference between AF9836 and AF9836B?
•  What is the difference between AF9709 and AF9709B?
•  Can CF cards sold commercially substitute for the compact flash cards used in AF9710 and AF9850?
•  When AF9850 (USB interface unit) is installed to AF9723, is it possible to install AF9835(B) Ethernet unit to have both LAN and USB interfaces?
•  When AF9850 (USB interface unit) is installed to AF9723, does it support memory size up to 2G bit without AF9836B?
About version up
•  What are the notes of upgrade of algorithm software?
•  I would like the check the version (Revision No.) of algorithm software.
•  How can I update the algorithm software of AF9834 gang unit?
•  How can I install the AF9850 USB interface unit?
•  The USB driver is installed on my PC but it is not properly recognized by the PC.
•  I am connected through a LAN but cannot download algorithm software.
•  NET Framework error appears, and application software will not be installed.
•  What should I do when AF9723 cannot recognize the installed AF9836B?
•  What should I do when an error code of "ERROR52" is displayed and device programming is not performed anymore on AF9700 series programmers?
Sales termination
•  I would like to know the support situation of the sales termination articles.
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