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Programming Services
Programming Services
Flash Support Group offers a high quality and reliable programming service using our device programmers.
Customers from various industries will be satisfied with our expertise in device programmers and the strict quality control system in our service.
High Quality
We guarantee to our customers the highest quality service by our highly trained technical staff using the latest technology.
Quick Service
We are able to handle a customer's urgent orders by rapidly adding production capabilities.
Device Supportability
As a provider of device programmers, we support the latest devices quickly and flexibly in cooperation with worldwide device manufacturers.  We also support modules and customized devices flexibly.
Low Price
We offer high quality service at reasonable prices, from small size lot to mass productions, by reducing labor costs with our automated programming systems.
photo:Programming Services photo:Programming Services
Programming Facilities
Our programming service uses Flash Support Group programmers only.
Types of device programmer Model Number
Automated Programming Systems TEH1002
Gang Device Programmers AF9723B
Gang Units AF9833
Device Programmers for Development AF9708
Package Conversion Adapters Each kinds
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