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Flash Support Group's in-circuit programmers make it possible to program flash memories and flash microcontrollers already mounted in the user systems.  They can be used in various locations from design and development to mass production and maintenance.
AF9101/03 In-Circuit Serial Programmer
Universal in-circuit programmer which is adaptable to any programming environment
•  Wide device support
It supports flash microcontrollers and various flash memories.
•  Use of specialized memory card
The control of master and operations can easily be done by the specialized algorithm memory card (CF card) which saves the programming algorithm, setting parameters, programming data, and verify data.
•  High speed transfer of programming data
High speed data transfer from a PC is possible by the USB interface.
•  Operated by remote control
It can be operated and controlled easily from your PC.
•  Used as stand alone
It can be operated independently without PC by the stand alone function.
•  Provides free update of algorithm software
The latest version of algorithm software is available on our website for free download.*
However, the updating is limited to the devices which you selected at the time of initial setting.
* User registration is required to use our download service.
•  Gang programming to multiple circuit board
Using the dedicated external control interface, it will be possible to input actions according to an external trigger signal and to output results externally. The operability and productivity will be increased by incorporating several programmer main units.
photo:Stand-alone mode
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Product Specifications
Buffer Memory Standard 256M bit
Using 1CF card,registration is only possible for 1 device series. For additional devices, an extra CF card (optional) is required.
Expansion by replacing to special algorithm card
Sockets 1
Supported Devices Programmable devices through JTAG/CLK synchronization/UART methods.
External Interface
Flash ROMs, flash microcontrollers, serial flash ROMs
Target Interface (JTAG, CLK synchronization, UART)
USB Interface (USB2.0)
Memory card interface
External control interface (only AF9103)
Operating Voltages
AC Adapter   AC100V
Body   DC7V
Frequency Range 50-60Hz
Power Consumption Max. of 3VA
Size (D x W x H) 122x132x22 mm
Weight 270g (excluding accessories)
Others <accessories>
Special algorithm card, USB cable, target cable, PC control software
Warranty Limited warranty of 1 Year
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