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AF9724/25 GANG programmer
AF9724/25 is newly designed for small to medium density devices. They are the standard programmers which improved reliability and functionality.
œ High speed writing and reading is possible due to the fastest R/W cycle speed of 80nsec, 10 times faster than the previous AF9845 model, and the maximum 16-bit data bus access.
œ Available in both stand-alone and PC remote mode.
œ Installed 1Gbit as a standard.
* Optinal up to 16Gbit
œ A concurrent function is incorporated that begins automatic processing when the device mounting is detected.
* Limited to the case of using 2 slots
œ Utilization of the conversion adapters of previous products through combined use with DIP conversion units.
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Product Specifications
  AF9724 AF9725
Buffer Memory Standard 1Gbit
Optional 16Gbit
Sockets Up to 16 Up to 8
External Interface USB2.0 and USB host function
Operating Voltages AC100 - 240V
Frequency Range 50 - 60Hz
Power Consumption Max. of 200VA
Size (D x W x H) 330x465x67mm
Weight approx. 6kg approx. 5.9kg
Optional Products
If you want to use the adapters for the previous model to AF9724/25, DIP socket units are required.
Optional Product Specifications
Previous Product Name Model Name
AF9845 seriese 48DIP Unit@AF9851A
AF9837 40DIP Unit@AF9852A
AF9833 32DIP Unit@AF9853B
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